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About Training2You

We intend to become the Internet's premier resource for online education.

We will provide information and advice on the latest CBT educational software and LMS Solutions available as well as providing directory listings of the best CBT providers on the Internet.

We will be primarily focusing on technology CBT such as Microsoft MCSE and MCSA, Cisco CCNA CompTIA Network+, Linux+, security plus. Which are aimed at advanced technology users such as network administrators and computer technicians.

other technology courses we will be featuring include MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist), MOUS XP, The ECDL and ICDL. These courses are focused on office computer users who require certification to prove ourir skills in computing as well as total beginners who wish to learn a new skill in an easy relaxed environment from the comfort of ourir own home.

We do not sell training courses ourselves so you can be assured of an unbiased opinion

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Advanced Computer Technology Courses

Training2You offers information on computer based training in all the latest I.T. technologies and LMS Solutions and can help you launch a new career in information technology.

The courses include

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ECDL: A part of the beginner Computer Technology series, the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) training course is the European certification which enables people to demonstrate proficiency in computer operating skills.

Subjects covered include: Word Processing Spreadsheets Databases Presentations The uses of information networks within computing and much more.
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Beginner Computer Courses

Learn how to use your computer with Training2You.

We have information on a range of courses specifically aimed at new computer users. These courses include MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist), MOUS XP, The ECDL and ICDL.

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