Become a Cisco Certified Networking Associate with Training 2 you. The CD Rom based CCNA computer training course allows you to study for Cisco Certification from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. .


Cisco CCNA Computer Training Course Information

Cisco Certified Networking Associate

The CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) indicates a foundation in networking. Your Cisco CCNA certification will enable you to layout, design and maintain your organisation's network.

Your Cisco CCNA certification will also provide you with an understanding of complex network configurations and how to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems.

You can be sure that the comprehensive training system will provide you with all the tools necessary to successfully prepare for your CCNA certification exam. We guarantee it!

The Cisco CCNA training course features:

Instructor led training on CD Rom
Digital audio/video presentations
Money Back Guarantee*
Hands-on exercises
Unlimited access to the certified staff
Affordable pricing

This course will provide you the skills you will need to pass the Cisco CCNA Exam:

The Course Content includes:

  • Logging in to a router
  • Starting and saving router configurations
  • Setting passwords, hostname, bandwidth
  • IP address, and clock rate Static routes and default routes Dynamic routing with RIP and IGRP
  • Backing up, upgrading or restoring your router IOS Telnet IP name resolution Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  • Internetworking Packet eXchange (IPX) Secondary network addresses and frame types
  • Configuring frame relay.

Cisco CCNA Training Course Curriculum

Domain % of Examination
Bridging or Switching 30%
OSI Reference Model & Layered Communications 30%
Routing 5%
WAN Protocols 15%
Network Management 10%
LAN Design 10%


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