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Learn How to operate your computer with Training 2 You


Need to learn how to use Your Computer?
Training 2 You have a selection of courses that will make learning how to use your computer fun and gain you a valuable qualification in the process.


  • Your Computers Desktop
  • Web Browsers Using The Internet
  • Setting Up email
  • Computer Viruses

The beginning Computer Technology training series will enable you to learn how to operate your computer and use the industries most popular office software.

Recommended Courses

ECDL and ICDL Computer Training
The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) training course is the Europe-wide qualification which enables people to demonstrate ourir competence in computer skills.

The ICDL(International computer drivers licence) is the International version of the ECDL.

Subjects covered include: Word Processing Spreadsheets Databases Presentations The uses of information networks within computing and much more. Find out more about the ECDL / ICDL training course here

Microsoft Office 2000 Training and Certification
Learn how to use the Microsoft Office 2000 software suite ( MOUS 2000 Certification )

Microsoft Office Specialist XP 2002
Learn how to use the latest XP Version of Microsofts Award Winning Office Suite of programs and gain Microsoft Office Specialist certification (MOS Certification)

The Microsoft Office Training Courses including the following:

  • Microsoft Word 2000 / XP 2002
  • Excel 2000 / XP 2002
  • Access 2000 Training / XP 2002
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 / XP 2002
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000/ XP 2002
You can be certified in any one of the courses or in the entire suite of programs

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