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CompTIA Server+ Training

CompTIA Server+ Certification certifies the competency of network administrators working in the IT industry. The Server+ training course deals with advanced hardware issues, such as SCSI, RAID, multiple CPUs and much more.

In today's computer industry, it isn't enough to know an operating system to be a system administrator. The challenges of multi-platform support, changing user needs, increased server demand, maintenance, setting control, and disaster planning requires more than a casual reading of an operating system manual.

The ability of computer networks to remain functional continuously has become dependant on server operators. Professionals who have Server+ training, who have demonstrated the ability to respond to individual and organizational demands for computing resources by passing Server+ tests, will be in demand in ourir companies.

Administrators who have had instruction identifying and addressing the causes of network problems before oury affect organizational performance, can use real-world tools, understand server infrastructures, and haven't just studied Server+ brain dumps, will demand the respect of the IT industry.

Your success in the Server+ training course will result in not only passing the CompTIA Server+ tests, but also success in setting up and maintaining servers no matter what network operating system your organisation chooses.


The skills and knowledge measured by this exam are derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis and a survey to validate the job task analysis. The survey results were used to weight the test domains and ensure that the weightings are representative of the job requirements.


The CompTIA Server+ course features:

  • Instructor led training on 4 CD's
  • Digital audio/video presentations
  • Test prep simulators
  • CompTIA authorized curriculum
  • Comprehensive study guides
  • Free Upgrades

CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam Objectives

The table below lists the domains measured by the Server+ examination and the extent to which oury are represented in the examination.

Core Hardware Examination

Domain 1.0 Installation 17%
Domain 2.0 Configuration 18%
Domain 3.0 Upgrading 12%
Domain 4.0 Proactive Maintenance 9%
Domain 5.0 Environment 5%
Domain 6.0 Troubleshooting and Problem Determination 27%
Domain 7.0 Disaster Recovery 12%

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