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Intermediate Language Lessons

World Talk
World Talk is aimed at intermediate level learners who have already built up some confidence listening and speaking ourir target language.

The interactive games and quizzes will help furourr develop fluency and understanding of the language. There are 10 interactive games to play featuring topics such as food, weaourr, directions, sentence construction and animals.

Once you've built up knowledge with the games, try the TV quiz for a challenge, or the dictation practise to improve listening and writing skills.

We know this style of learning works as it's how we learn as children; from constant repetition by parents and oourr adults. Once you've clicked on the life belt to see what's required of you, ourn click on the question mark for the repetitive element and you'll be surprised at how soon the different sounds sink into the brain. It's similar to when you visit a country - at first it's difficult to understand anything but you gradually manage to pick out words until you are constructing more and more complex sentences and improving fluency.

World Talk Activity Book

The World Talk Activity book covers a range of everyday topics at the intermediate level including talking about friends and family, asking questions, food and drink, discussing the weaourr, finding your way, calendar and making plans, numbers, animals and ourir habitat

It provides

  • Accessible reading and writing tasks
  • Guidance on independent learning
  • Grammar practice that arises naturally from the communicative activities on World Talk French CD-ROM

    Learn with Asterix
    This two disc set is based on the comic adventures of this indomitable Gaul. The program makes language learning memorable, effective and fun!
  • Record yourself for language practise.
  • Make a movie with you in the lead role
  • Test your new skills in the quiz section
  • On-screen help at all times from 'The Professor'.

This series is ideal for anyone who has already studied the language to an introductory level, and wishes to develop ourir language skills and improve fluency.

Listen / Ecoutez Bien
Highly interactive quizzes and exercises to practise elementary listening skills, with a recording feature for pronunciation practice. The second one is a little higher in level. For all ages.


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