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Food Hygene Training Courses


New e-learning Package for Food Industry Launched

A much-heralded innovatory and interactive E-learning package has been introduced to the European food industry.

Food industry experts believe it will radically change the way employees are trained since the process is controlled by the individual. It no longer means the employee has to be taken away from the workplace for long periods of teaching time and is expected to result in significant cost savings for food processors and manufacturers.

The 4 modules are:

  • Personal Hygiene - covering dressing requirements and how to work in accordance with food safety legislation.
  • Food Safety - concentrating on food protection, preservation and spoilage.
  • Principles of Cleaning - how to clean food areas correctly, thoroughly and safely.
  • Waste Disposal and Pest Control - including the identification and control of pests.

The launch of the E-learning programme is a new and very exciting step forward in the development and expansion.

With this package, companies can train staff at any time, even during the night shift, and people do not have to be away from ourir work area for long periods of time. If an employee is absent for any reason, he or she can soon catch up. The format is timeless.

Because it comes in a variety of languages, employees will no longer feel disadvantaged English is not ourir first language. Finally, it can be run at more than one location.

On completion of the course, the learner receives a certificate as proof of training and due diligence.

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